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VAT deductible

The deductible VAT, what must be understood

By definition, the deductible VAT refers to the tax the company incurred in respect of its expenses. A company liable for VAT, may invoice it when it sells a good or service to a customer. From then on, it recovers VAT on behalf of the public treasury and then pays it back. This is called the VAT collection. At the same time, the company incurs expenses and bears the invoiced VAT. It may thus deduct it under certain conditions. We are talking about the deduction of VAT.

TEVEA International has the expertise to study the deductibility of corporate operations. Its multi-lingual tax team provides useful assistance in the implementation of this rather complex mechanism.

All you need to know about deductible VAT

VAT is deductible under certain conditions. Indeed, the expenses incurred must have been borne in the interests of the company and justified by invoices. Moreover, the VAT will be deductible as soon as it will be due to the contractor.

The deductible VAT is subject to the calculation of a deduction coefficient. It is between 0 (non deductible) and 1 (fully deductible). This coefficient is the product of 3 specific coefficients and different according to the operations carried out by the companies.

Finally, as a matter of principle, the deductible VAT will be deducted from the VAT collected. If this deductible VAT is higher than the VAT collected, then the company will have a VAT credit and will be able to obtain a refund of VAT. Conversely, if the VAT collected is higher than the deductible VAT, this will be the amount of VAT due, ie to be returned to the public treasury.

The VAT deductibility mechanism is complex because of the various legislations, calculations and declarations to provide. Thus, representation by a tax attorney is necessary in order to qualify for deductibility of VAT.

TEVEA International, at your service for everything related to VAT

TEVEA International specializes in tax matters related to VAT. We offer companies professional support in order to relieve them of all the complex tasks associated with the VAT return. We can provide operational advice, but also provide comprehensive assistance. We are at your service to calculate the VAT collected and the VAT deductible, to help you determine the amount of VAT to be disbursed or the VAT credit you can benefit from, to prepare the tax returns, to ensure the Compliance of the documents with the texts in force and to carry out the required procedures with the tax administrations.

TEVEA International is also distinguished by its international deployment. Our high level of control of European regulations enables us to provide a high added value service to companies with subsidiaries abroad. We can act as a tax representative in all the countries of the European Union. We are able to register your structure with the administrative authorities throughout Europe and ensure that your tax situation is in line with the regulations in force.

In order to get the best advice and answers to all your VAT questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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