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VAT Compliance in Europe

TEVEA international, a reference for those who want to understand VAT compliance issues in Europe

TEVEA international offers its services to companies in order to solve the problems of VAT compliance in Europe. Many companies give it their confidence for its competence and experience in the taxation of European VAT.

An obligation to comply with European VAT compliance rules.

For companies registered for VAT in the European Union and carrying out taxable transactions (supply of goods or services), a strict administrative procedure must be followed to ensure that applications comply with European VAT regulations. The VAT compliance rules are in particular laid down in the VAT Directive. All EU Member States must then transpose these obligations internally.

Obtaining a valid and unique VAT number is given by the tax administration of the country of origin. This is usually the first of the rules that companies carrying out taxable transactions at VAT must observe. Thus, for intra-Community supplies or acquisitions, VAT taxable persons may register.

Then, companies are required to produce regulated invoices for all transactions subject to VAT. The basic information on an invoice is defined in the VAT Directive. They also maintain complete accounting records to support their VAT transactions. In a general case, the local registers will be sufficient.

To ensure compliance with these VAT rules, we advise you to hire a professional. TEVEA international, a company in the field of taxation offers to accompany you.

Who are we ?

Established in 1984, our company is dedicated to assisting large national and international companies and SMEs in the analysis and operational implementation of VAT compliance rules in Europe.

Concerned about the good health of companies, TEVEA International puts at the services of these clients tailor-made services in order to best meet the expectations of professionals. We have a team of multilingual consultants, including European and international VAT compliance specialists, to assist you.

TEVEA is a member of the International VAT Association (IVA) and has been OPQCM certified since 2009.

For more information about our services, we invite you to contact us by e-mail or by phone. You can also go directly to our head office for quick answers.


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