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VAT Advice

Operational advice on VAT, an essential aid for businesses

VAT advisory is recommended to all companies, it is a solution to achieve significant savings by avoiding penalties and rejection of claims. TEVEA International supports companies in optimizing their tax practices.

National and European Societies

A VAT advisory body assists companies in the practice of their tax obligations. The use of VAT specialists is necessary for companies established and operating in the European Union. The intervention of an expert avoids you the losses related to the non-conformity and the submission of files not in conformity with the legislative procedures.

First, our operational advice will help you to make declarations in accordance with the legislation of the countries concerned in order to prevent possible additional costs or penalties representing significant amounts. Each euro influences your cash flow and determines the health of your company. Subsequently, applications for reimbursement of the deductible VAT are submitted to an in-depth examination by the tax authorities. To help you with your administrative procedures, TEVEA International provides you with the necessary advice to validate your repayment procedures with the relevant European tax administrations. Finally, an agent is also necessary insofar as he performs as a specialist the tax formalities required for your company.

Foreign companies

For companies located in countries outside France or the European Union, the intervention of a tax specialist is not limited to VAT advice. Companies outside the EU are obliged to appoint a tax representative in France who will undertake to fulfill the necessary obligations and formalities.

Compliance difficulties justify this measure. Indeed, the rates applied and the method of calculating VAT, the various formalities relating to applications, declarations and payment of the tax and the languages used vary from country to country. TEVEA International thus accompanies the companies and provides an important advice under the various VAT legislation.

Benefit from expert advice with TEVEA International

For foreign, European or French companies, TEVEA International offers the expertise and experience of its team to accompany them in the complexity of tax obligations. Our services are divided into several offers, they can be complementary:

  • VAT advice and online assistance to answer your questions
  • Training including several modules on taxes and customs duties
  • Tax representation for companies established in third countries
  • Tax Mandate for National and Community Enterprises

The client is at the heart of our concern, and we focus on case-by-case studies to provide recommendations tailored to each situation. We ensure the transparency and the competitiveness of the cost of our services.


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