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Tax Representative in Europe

Use a tax representative in Europe

The tax representative is appointed by foreign companies (outside the EU) to intervene on their behalf with the administrations. If you are concerned, TEVEA International is an experienced service provider with strong references in various sectors.

The obligation to appoint a tax representative

Foreign companies designate a tax representative when they are established outside Europe and carry out taxable transactions within the European Union.

This agent is appointed in order to accompany the company in its tax obligations regarding VAT. This agent can be held liable according to the situation of the company.

This ensures that:

  • Conduct an analysis of the company's tax situation
  • Obtain VAT registration required for taxable activities in the country concerned
  • Bring together the accounting documents relevant to the tax
  • Prepare declarations and submit them on time

The representative is appointed prior to the filing of the first VAT returns.

For EU companies, this appointment is not compulsory. They may, for their part, call upon an agent who will serve as an interlocutor to the administration without being jointly and severally liable with the taxable person.

How to choose your tax representative?

The choice of a tax representative is paramount in that it ensures the health and tax compliance of your company.

TEVEA International, your accredited representative

TEVEA international, a tax refund company specializing in VAT, offers VAT refund service (EU + Switzerland and Norway), tax representation solutions for VAT in Europe, VAT consultancy services And a complementary tax representation service on taxation of real estate capital gains.

TEVEA is a member of the International VAT Association (IVA) and has been OPQCM certified since 2009.

Founded in 1984, TEVEA International, has a group of European Savings Banks and European Savings Institutions among its shareholders.


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