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Tax Representative Corporation

Use a tax representative corporation

The services of a tax representation company are essential for those liable to VAT and for persons making taxable capital gains. TEVEA International supports professionals and individuals in fulfilling their tax obligations in Europe.

Who needs the services of a tax representation corporation?

Individuals and companies are obliged to use a tax representation company when they are established outside the European Union.

For example, companies operating in a non-EU country but operating in the European Economic Area (EEA) must comply with this rule. Among these taxable transactions are: distance selling, buying and selling of goods, real estate work, deliveries with assembly, etc. It is mainly to pay VAT, which depending on the situation, could then be that of the country where the operations are carried out or that of the country that receives them. Even in the event of an exemption, the company must make the declarations through a tax representation company.

Non-residents outside the EU who carry out transactions for the sale of real estate in France must also be represented at the tax authorities. They may appoint a natural person (such as an acquirer) or an accredited tax representation company to prepare their surplus value returns.

Which company to address?

For companies, it is better to go to a provider that is really concerned about your compliance and, ultimately, about your development in the country concerned. Your representative can ensure the preparation and filing of returns, as well as refund claims by preventing discards that can cost your cashflow by impacting the flow of cash.

For individuals, check first that the company you have chosen is accredited by the Tax Administration, this will avoid you steps sometimes long to obtain the approval of the tax authorities.

TEVEA, specialist in tax representation in Europe

TEVEA International is a tax-based company active throughout Europe, offering its services to companies and individuals.

We analyze your situation before any procedure with the tax services and we take the necessary steps with the tax administrations on time. For professionals, we also provide VAT training to enable your employees to improve their tax practices. If you would like expert advice from experts, we also offer a support service to answer your questions.


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