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Call on a tax specialist on VAT

In tax matters, legislation is constantly evolving. To cope with these legal changes, the company must have an efficient tax policy. The use of a tax specialist specializing in VAT is preferable.

Use a VAT specialist to deal with tax issues

In its trade with its partners, the company acts as a tax collector for the Treasury. This VAT is deductible as soon as it becomes due from the supplier.

The company must carry out a system of VAT returns with the tax administrations, according to different times due to the operations and countries concerned. These declarations can then either reveal a VAT to be deducted (or VAT credit), since the amount of VAT deductible is higher than the amount of VAT collected. Conversely, these VAT returns will show a VAT due (or to pay).

VAT returns are carried out in accordance with a formal procedure. As such, the representation of the company by a tax specialist is necessary in order to establish the situation of the company and to produce the appropriate documents with the different tax administrations.

TEVEA International, a tax specialist specializing in VAT at your service

Taxation has a direct impact on the financial management of a business. Thus, TEVEA International puts at your disposal the skills of a team of tax lawyers specializing in VAT business issues.

TEVEA international, a tax refund company specializing in VAT, offers VAT refund service (EU + Switzerland and Norway), tax representation solutions for VAT in Europe, VAT consultancy services And a complementary tax representation service on taxation of real estate capital gains.

TEVEA is a member of the International VAT Association (IVA) and has been OPQCM certified since 2009.

Founded in 1984, TEVEA International, has a group of European Savings Banks and European Savings Institutions among its shareholders.

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