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Real estate value declaration

TEVEA International, your partner for the declaration of your real estate gains

The declaration of capital gains requires the appointment of an accredited tax representative if the transferor is not resident for tax purposes in the European Union. For your declarations to be done correctly, choose to trust TEVEA international.

The declaration of real estate gains, a legal obligation

In the context of an assignment of immovable property belonging to a non-resident, the General Tax Code has subjected it to capital gains tax. The latter is accompanied by two formalities to which the transferor can not escape under penalty of penalties.

First, the legislator forced the non-resident to declare his surplus value. This obligation to report remains whether or not there is a taxable capital gain. If the transferor is a natural person and is exempt because of a holding period or a sale price of less than € 15,000, the declaration is not required.

The requirement of a tax representative was also one of the innovations brought by the legislator. Any non-resident taxpayer outside the European Union carrying out a real estate transfer transaction must fulfill its tax obligations by using the services of a bank established in France, a person authorized by the tax authority The tax administration or the purchaser if he is resident in France for tax purposes. Only if the sale price is less than € 150,000 or if the property has been held for more than 30 years.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable, within the framework of the procedure of declaration of the capital gains real estate, to contact an accredited representative. TEVEA International is the recommended company for this type of operation.

TEVEA international, an accredited tax representative

As a strong tax representative with over thirty years of experience, we are known for the quality of our services in the context of transactions relating to the refund of foreign VAT, VAT tax representation and the field of VAT. Real estate tax representation. Our professionalism has made us a leader in our industry.

Thanks to our expertise, we can ensure the declaration of your real estate gains. We are familiar with the French and European tax administrations, and we entrust the treatment of your obligations vis-à-vis them to an experienced team composed of specialists in European VAT and real estate taxation.

More than just a provider, we are a real partner for you. We support you and give you valuable advice to minimize the risk of tax enhancement.

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