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Real estate tax representative

Role of the property tax representative

The real estate tax representative carries out the administrative and fiscal formalities relating to a real estate transfer on behalf of his principal. The point with the tax representation company TEVEA International.

Real estate tax representative: his missions

In the case of real estate gains in accordance with Article 244bis A of the CGI, natural or legal persons not domiciled in France are liable to a levy on capital gains realized or assimilated realized in France. This levy shall be paid under the responsibility of a representative, who shall be responsible for representing taxpayers domiciled outside France.

In practice, it calculates the amount of taxation by integrating all the deductions provided for by law. It also fulfills, for the tax administration, the printed form n ° 2048-IMM recording the statement of surplus value. The tax treatment of real estate gains will apply when you sell real estate in France (land or building) or rights that relate to such property (usufruct, bare ownership ...).

But its role is not limited to simple tasks of performer. Indeed, he regularly intervenes to advise and inform his clients on the specificities of real estate taxation, in order to fully understand the method of calculating the surplus value.

Real estate tax representative: a customized service with TEVEA international

TEVEA international, an international tax representation company, has focused its expertise on operational advice on VAT, reimbursement of foreign VAT, tax representation on VAT and real estate tax representation.

For the declarations of real estate value added, we offer a range of individualized services including advice and information. Upstream, we intervene to make you aware of the particularities of the tax regime in terms of land transfer: calculation of the tax rate of real estate gains realized by non-resident persons (natural persons and companies), what are the reporting obligations Non-residents? We will make sure that you have all the information in hand in order to achieve a relationship of mutual trust.

Once appointed, your representative will complete all reporting formalities. Its mission also includes defending your file in the event of a request for information that may take place during the three years following the year of the assignment. And because you deserve expert support, we undertake to minimize the risk of requalification by the tax authorities as well as to bear, if necessary, the payment of increases and penalties.

With 30 years of experience, TEVEA International is the privileged partner of companies and individuals for the implementation of their tax and declarative obligations abroad. Let us know your project.


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