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Real Estate Tax Representation

The use of real estate tax representation: for whom? Why ?

According to Article 244 bis of the CGI, any non-EU tax resident wishing to sell property situated in the national territory must call on an accredited tax representative. Only a person or organization authorized by the tax authorities can be designated to draw up and sign the capital gains tax return. But more than a mere legal obligation to prevent fraud, the use of a real estate tax representation makes it possible to optimize the tax aspects of the sale of property belonging to a non-resident.

The different stakes of real estate tax representation

The disposal of real estate belonging to non-residents corresponds to many specific tax rules. The legislation requires homeowners to designate an accredited tax representative to ensure that the transfer of their property is done properly from the point of view of calculating the capital gain. It should be noted that the obligation to designate a tax representative will not concern goods whose sale price does not exceed € 150,000, or property held for more than 30 years.

The role of a real estate tax agency will be to calculate precisely the amount of tax that must be paid following a land transfer. Indeed, the rules for calculating taxation are relatively complex and must, in particular, take account of numerous criteria, hence the importance of calling on an expert. The acquisition price, some construction work or the duration of the holding of the property, among others, will thus have an impact on the determination of the taxable gain and therefore on the amount of taxation. Not only is property tax representation used to avoid errors and other omissions in your tax return, but it also aims to optimize your tax system by making sure that all legal deductions or exemptions are included in the calculation in order to Pay the fair tax.

The accredited tax representative is also responsible for correctly completing the tax declaration n ° 2048-IMM and ensures the administrative follow-up with the notary until the signature of the deed. In addition, real estate tax representation is a protective device for homeowners. Your tax representative guarantees the accuracy of your tax return. Thus, you receive the support of an expert, during a possible tax audit, which will be the single and direct contact of the Tax Administration.

Use an agency specialized in real estate tax representation

Real estate tax representation is one of the main services offered by TEVEA International to its clients. For more than 30 years our teams of tax experts have accompanied companies and individuals in the fulfillment of their reporting formalities regarding VAT and real estate gains. TEVEA International is therefore a reference organization in the tax treatment of property capital gains issues.


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