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Non-Residents: Find an Accredited Real Estate Representative

The use of a real estate tax representation company is one of the possible solutions for a non-resident to pay its tax on real estate capital gains. The proven competence of an accredited institution justifies the use of specialists, and TEVEA International is one of the key players in this field.

Why opt for a real estate tax representation company?

First of all, it should be noted that the use of tax representation is compulsory for the payment of taxes on the property value of non-residents. If you are domiciled in a country outside the European Union, and therefore if you are fiscally liable to this state, you are a non-resident. When you sell an immovable located in France, the capital gain is 34.5% taxable, including 15.5% social security contributions, and it is your representative who takes care of the declarations and all the formalities relating to these obligations.

It is possible to appoint either a natural person or a company to represent you. The individual must be of good fiscal character, solvent and capable of offering all the guarantees required. He will be pecuniarily liable to the tax authorities, and will make sure to pay any sums requested later (penalties, surcharges). This can be your buyer, a financial institution (bank, credit) or a company that has been granted permanent approval by the administration. In any case, it is not possible to be represented by a lawyer or notary.

Thus, several solutions are available to you in terms of property tax representation, but using a specialized company remains the best solution. It is no longer necessary to apply for accreditation. This avoids the long waiting times associated with this procedure. Then, these firms have experts capable of efficiently carrying out all the steps to be taken: calculation of the surplus value otherwise very complex, declarations correct in the deadlines, monitoring and availability for possible future checks. They also have the guarantees required to pay taxes and improvements where necessary.

Successfully fulfill your obligations with TEVEA International

TEVEA International is part of the real estate tax representation companies that have been granted permanent authorization to intervene on behalf of non-residents without applying for prior accreditation. By entrusting us with your file, it is already the guarantee of the smooth running of the formalities.

Our team is made up of tax experts in addition value, and their know-how is the guarantee of effectiveness of our intervention. In addition, TEVEA International has more than 30 years of experience in the area of tax representation. Our skills have been recognized, and have earned us the OPQCM certification specific to intellectual services.

As a customer, you are sure to benefit from a personalized assistance, with a thorough study of your situation to perform your obligations to the best of your ability and thus avoid requalifications.

Finally, we are committed to offering competitively priced services with a transparent billing system.


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