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Production DEB

Production DEB: what is it?

Intra-Community transactions between two countries of the European Union are subject to administrative formalities. The DEB, in particular, must be produced in the case of intra-Community acquisition or delivery of goods. The production of DEB is thus necessary if you have made acquisitions in the previous calendar year of 460 000 euros in France, the DEB being due from the first month of the calendar year of The current year. The production of the DEB is also necessary if you have made acquisitions in the previous calendar year of less than 460 000 but you cross this threshold during the year. The DEB will then be due within one month of crossing this threshold.

In the case of deliveries, however, you must produce a DEB from the first intra-Community delivery, whatever the amount. So you have to fill in a DEB from the first euro.

Panorama on the DEB

The DEB does not constitute a breach of the free movement of goods in the European Union. The Declaration of Exchange of Goods is a means of establishing statistics on Customs's foreign trade with its European partners. It also ensures compliance with VAT tax rules.

To understand DEB, one must first of all return to one of the founding principles of the EU, namely the free movement of goods. This assumption, which can be assimilated to the disappearance of frontier posts, does not mean, however, that there is no complete control or customs formalities. Thus, trade between member countries of certain products, such as alcoholic beverages or manufactured tobacco, continues to be subject to specific rules (products subject to excise duty).

In addition, the DEB does not exempt you from your VAT obligations (turnover declaration, payment of the tax, in particular).

Failure to file a declaration of exchange of goods within the prescribed deadlines may result in a fine of € 750, which may be increased to € 1,500 in case of failure to regularize within 30 days of the formal notice (Articles 109 Law of 17 July 1992, Article 27 of the Law of 31 December 1992 and Article 26 of the Law of 31 December 1992).

Production DEB: what does TEVEA international offer?

TEVEA international, a tax representation company, offers tailor-made services concerning declarations of exchange of goods.

TEVEA international offers a turnkey solution with advice and accompaniment adapted. We intervene upstream to inform you about the DEB procedures as required by the tax legislation.

Our team of experts will then review your sales and purchase invoices in order to establish the declaration of exchange of goods. The latter includes several data and information such as the commodity code, the value of the invoice in euros, the nature of the transaction (purchase / sale, return of goods, free offer, acquisition / supply for processing, Repair or maintenance), the delivery conditions or the VAT number of the purchaser.

TEVEA international is responsible for carrying out your reporting obligations in full.

Established for more than 30 years, TEVEA International is a tax representative company specializing in VAT. We offer our clients a set of solutions enabling them to outsource all their international VAT issues: operational management of VAT compliance, operational advice, optimization (foreign VAT refund, deductible VAT audit).


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