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Non-resident tax representation

The tax representation of a non-resident: the specialty of TEVEA international

TEVEA international ensures the tax representation of a non-resident during the procedure of declaration of capital gains real estate. This company has more than 7 years of successful experience in its field of activity.

How to appoint the tax representative?

Any person resident outside the European Union who realizes a real estate transfer in France is required to appoint a tax representative to declare and fulfill his tax obligations in respect of real estate capital gains. The need for tax representation is required for transferors, natural and legal persons, but also for non-resident partners of French partnerships ceding an immovable and subject to income tax. For transferors, natural persons, the law provides for a waiver of a representative if the amount of the transfer is less than 150 000 euros or if the property belongs to him for more than 30 years.

The choice of representative is the discretionary power of the transferor, but it is nevertheless necessary that the tax representation of the non-resident be ensured either by the buyer if he is resident in France for tax purposes or by a credit institution which carries out Activities in France, or finally by a tax representative accredited by the DGFIP, such as TEVEA International.

The appointment of a tax representative must be in writing and include the following information: the names and addresses of the principal and the tax representative; The explicit acceptance of the designation signed by the latter, its commitment to fulfill the obligations incumbent on its principal and the date on which representation takes effect.

TEVEA international ensures your tax representation

Established for about thirty years, our company specializes in tax representation both in terms of VAT and in terms of real estate surplus value. Our expertise enables us to offer our clients quality services and our know-how has enabled us to become a major player on the national and international level.

Today, we offer our non-resident customers the opportunity to be represented by a serious, competitive and responsive tax representative. Complete and tailor-made, our services include detailed analysis of the parts supplied, the calculation of the value added and the taxation, and the establishment of the declaration of surplus value.

For more information about our services, we advise you to contact us by e-mail or by calling our teams directly.


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