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Non-resident real estate tax representation

Property Tax Representation for Non-Resident: Are You Affected?

The use of real estate tax representation constitutes an obligation for the non-resident in certain cases. TEVEA International provides this service to individuals and businesses who need it.

In what cases is a non-resident involved in the property tax representation?

When talking about property tax representation for a non-resident, it is first necessary to determine the tax registrations in question.

Is a non-resident in France a natural or legal person who is resident in another country for tax purposes or has its registered office in another country. However, a second condition is added regarding the obligation to appoint a tax representative: only persons established outside the European Union are affected. For example, if you are a French person with a building in France, and you are a resident of the USA, for example, you are obliged to appoint such a specialist for the payment of your tax obligations in the event of an assignment. If your property is managed by an ICS, you must also designate a tax representative, even if its head office is in the EU.

Real estate tax representation is therefore compulsory for all non-EU residents who sell property or property rights in France. The purpose of this provision is to ensure that the tax authorities comply with all the procedures related to the declaration of surplus value (2048-IMM) and to have an interlocutor in France, for any solicitation concerning the calculation, Or an enhancement proposal. The representative is therefore responsible for paying the tax and, where applicable, any surcharges, penalties and interest for late payment.

The assignors resident in the EU may appoint a proxy who will not sign the surplus value statement but will propose to prepare a detailed capital gain report, including a statement of surplus value which will be sent to the notary .

How to designate a tax representative?

The tax representative is accredited by the DGFIP and published in the Bofip ( Among the criteria to consider before designating your representative, consider checking these basic:

  • Professionalism: You will evaluate it from your first exchanges and the experience of the representative.
  • Know-how: A team with multilingual experts is always more interesting because it guarantees the effectiveness of tax procedures by reducing the risk of errors.
  • Reactivity: What is the guaranteed response time in case of solicitation?

TEVEA International is one of these specialists in tax representation, with more than 30 years of experience in this field. We assist companies and individuals in the payment of taxes on surplus value. We make the necessary calculations and submit the declarations, taking care to avoid any risk of requalification.

Our strength lies in a client-centered approach, which requires us to study each situation carefully to ensure a personalized follow-up. We have a professional qualification certificate issued to professional consulting firms in recognition of their professionalism (OPQCM). Thus, the non-resident property tax representation constitutes for TEVEA International an undertaking which is not limited to simple declarative formalities.


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