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Intra-Community VAT advice

Intra-Community VAT advice, a service of TEVEA international

Tax differentials between the countries of the European Union require specific treatment, in particular as regards VAT on intra-Community trade. Expert in tax representation, TEVEA international offers various services in operational consulting for companies established or not in the economic zone.

The principles and rules concerning intra-Community VAT

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is an unavoidable and expensive tax for all commercial transactions between companies engaged in national or European exchanges. Intra-Community trade between Member States of the European Union is governed in particular by European directives. However, the rate and modalities of application may vary considerably from one country to another, hence the need for continuous monitoring of domestic and European legislation.

Thus, the intra-Community VAT regime differs according to whether intra-Community supplies or intra-Community acquisitions on the one hand, or whether supplies of goods or services are supplied. Apart from derogation, the place of taxation of intra-Community supplies / acquisitions of goods is that of the country acquiring the goods. Deliveries are thus exempt from the seller country. In other words, for example, purchases of goods destined for France will be taxable. TEVEA International can advise you perfectly on the applicable regimes according to your specific situation.

TEVEA International also provides advice on billing. In practice, the invoice includes either VAT or VAT, if a reverse charge regime is in place. Indeed, there will be a reversal of the person liable for VAT in certain specific cases at intra-Community level. It will be up to the lessee / buyer to make the necessary administrative formalities with the tax institutions in his / her country.

It should be noted that any company subject to this regime must have an identification number specifically used for this tax and issued by the tax authorities.

Relatively complex to apply for an entity established within the EU zone, these principles also apply to non-residents of third countries who carry out taxable transactions there. It is therefore preferable to use specialized advice in order to handle the requests of the tax administrations as well as possible.

An adviser and fiscal representative, the partner of your international exchanges

The good stewardship of a supervised tax system is the foundation of vitality in line with the expectations of a developing company. By complying with the regulations in force, an enterprise avoids possible sanctions which can only be prejudicial to its activities. Beyond the financial penalties, an image impact could be significant in the economic world. In the case of international transactions, the assistance of an expert is very useful in order to adapt to the many different conditions and procedures applicable. Intra-Community VAT advice is also a recommended service for exchanges in the European area.

TEVEA International has been a tax representative for more than three decades. We offer specialized services in operational consulting, reimbursement and representation for the liquidation of VAT as well as real estate tax. Based on a client-centric approach, our services include customized support for tax and tax processing, online assistance for expert advice, and tailor-made training modules.


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