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International VAT declaration

Declaration of intra-Community VAT: an obligation for companies

Commercial transactions between EU member states must be reported to the tax authorities concerned. It is an obligation to which companies must submit under pain of sanctions and fines.

The rules of the international VAT declaration vary from one country to another

In order to comply with the VAT reporting rules applicable in a country, it is necessary to ensure that invoices are adapted to local regulations and that transactions declared in accordance with the local tax authorities. Moreover, the company is obliged to communicate to the latter all the information required on its commercial activity and to pay VAT before the statutory deadlines.

Depending on the country, reporting deadlines can be chosen freely or imposed by the tax authorities (monthly, quarterly, annual or biennial).

It should be noted that the rate of intra-Community VAT varies. In addition to the normal (20%) rate for most operations, there are others, to mention only the 5.5% reduction granted to farmers and the parking rate (on a provisional basis in a few countries Such as Portugal, Belgium and Ireland).

In addition, the establishment of DEBs and Intrastat must be done correctly: tariff classification of goods, type of DEB to be sent (acquisition or dispatch), the information contained therein (nature of transaction, exchange rate, etc.) . In addition, transactions on goods and services exchanged should be detailed and their net worth reported. In some countries, both sales and purchases must be reported.

Benefit from specialist advice

Your company sells or buys goods or services from one or more partners located in other EU member states. You are thus subject to the obligation to make declarations of VAT for all your operations abroad.

We are a tax representation company specializing in the operational consultancy of VAT, and we provide you with our know-how. Our team of multilingual consultants can provide advice and recommendations to the Finance Department of your company in order to optimize the issue of foreign VAT. We will be able to tell you the right methodology to comply with your obligations, regardless of the complexity of the tax situation.

In addition, we offer tailor-made training modules (inter-company or intra-company) focused on VAT issues in international operations: Practice of declaratory obligations, VAT in international trade of goods, VAT and specific international operations.

If you would like to have immediate access to our experts for all questions you face regarding VAT, the "online assistance" formula will surely suit you. This service allows you to have a subscriber number, a dedicated toll-free number and a specific e-mail address.


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