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Foreign VAT recovery advice

Foreign VAT Recovery, TEVEA International can provide you with valuable advice

If your company operates internationally, you can bear a VAT on the expenses you have incurred in various countries of the European Union. With the help of an operational consultancy for VAT, you can request the recovery of this foreign VAT.

Foreign VAT Recovery: why should you contact a firm or a specialized consulting firm?

For your information, you should be aware that your company is entitled to a refund of VAT deductible for local taxpayers. In order to benefit from this recovery of foreign VAT, it is necessary for your company not to make deliveries of goods or to offer taxable benefits in foreign countries, if it is not domiciled in the states where the expenses were incurred Achieved.

To facilitate this, European tax administrations have put in place an electronic procedure enabling the various entities concerned to submit their VAT recovery requests. However, the process remains complex, especially for lay people. The difficulty also lies in the fact that repayment conditions differ from one State to another.

Each country has its own VAT rate. The legislation is not uniform as regards the rules for reimbursement of taxes and the parts required to recover VAT are not necessarily the same. Acceptance of recovery requires a complete and seamless record.

To help you with this time-consuming procedure, TEVEA international, a VAT representative and consultancy company offers its services.

Why do companies trust our expertise?

With a long and successful experience in tax representation, we are recognized nationally and internationally for our expertise in operational consultancy on VAT, recovery of foreign VAT, tax representation on VAT and representation Property tax. As a consulting company, we support our clients by implementing all our know-how in the services related to reporting and fulfilling their international tax obligations.

Personalization of services is one of the qualities that have made us a major player in our industry. To this is added our sense of listening. At TEVEA international, we are convinced that understanding the customer's expectations is the basis of the trust we are trying to establish with you.

As part of our services, we provide you with a team of multilingual consultants composed of lawyer-tax specialists in European VAT. Experienced and familiar with European tax legislation, the latter will be able to guide you in all the steps related to the refund of your VAT.

For more information about our services, we advise you to contact us by e-mail or by telephone.


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