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Calculation real estate value added foreign company

Foreign company: TEVEA international proposes a calculation of real estate gains

To facilitate the calculation of capital gains real estate of foreign companies, it is recommended to contact TEVEA international. This company is an accredited representative in the field of property taxation.

Who are we ?

We are a privileged partner for legal and natural persons in the framework of the implementation of their tax and declarative obligations abroad. If we are recognized for our expertise in operational VAT advice, reimbursement of foreign VAT and VAT tax representation, we also have a successful expertise and experience in real estate tax representation for non-residents .

As a key player in tax matters, we now offer full services to all foreign companies, including the calculation of their real estate gains and the statement of surplus value (printed 2048-IMM-SD) Net asset value and taxation.

We are experienced professionals and our know-how greatly reduces the risks of requalifications carried out by the tax administration towards you. In addition, over a period of three years from the year following the signing of the representation contract, we undertake to provide answers to all questions posed by the Tax Administration.

At TEVEA international, we do everything in our power to satisfy our customers. To achieve this goal, we rely on a team of multilingual tax consultants.

Why do you have to trust us?

Our sense of listening is one of our first qualities that have allowed us to occupy our present place. True to our reputation, we take the time to understand your expectations before starting any approach related to our services.

If you need more information about our services, we invite you to contact us by sending us an e-mail or by contacting our sales department.


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