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Calculation plus real estate value

Successfully complete the calculation of real estate and tax assessments with the assistance of specialists

The calculation of real estate value is complex because of the multiple elements to be taken into account. This implies that the calculation of taxes is not easy either, hence the use of specialists. Fortunately, there are firms such as TEVEA International to support companies and individuals in their tax procedures regarding property sales.

How to calculate real estate value added?

The calculation of the real estate value gain is made by the difference between the sale price and the purchase price, to which a deduction for the holding period is applied. However, the existence of various charges brings appreciable modifications.

The sale price adds up the sale price and the expenses incumbent on the purchaser in accordance with the notarial deed. Then, the transfer costs and taxes borne by the vendor, which must be duly justified, are removed. The purchase price is the purchase price of the property, plus the charges and indemnities you paid at the time of the acquisition, as well as the cost of the work undertaken. If you are not able to present the invoices justifying these expenses, their amounts are 7.5% and 15% respectively of the purchase price, provided they have been the owner for more than five years.

The net capital gain is equal to the difference between the gross capital gain previously mentioned and the deduction for detention period which differs for tax and social contributions. Taxation represents 36.2% of the total, of which 19% is income tax and 17.2% is levied for social contributions.

It is possible to benefit from exemptions in certain cases, in particular if the holding period of the property exceeds 30 years. If this is your main residence at the time of sale, or if the sale price is less than € 15,000, the capital gain is also exempt.

On the other hand, if the taxable capital gain exceeds € 50,000 at the end of the calculation, a surcharge ranging from 2% to 6% applies.

Facilitating capital gains with TEVEA International

TEVEA International supports companies and individuals in the calculation of their real estate value and related tax obligations. Already, on our site, you can estimate the amount of yours thanks to the simulator easyPVI (

More specifically, we provide real estate tax representation for non-resident tax-disposers outside the EU, for whom it is mandatory to appoint a professional accredited to carry out all transactions relating to the capital gain on disposal:

  • Calculation of taxes
  • Declaration to the tax authorities by filling in the form provided for this purpose
  • Guarantee of payment of the tax in full
  • Availability for any exchange with the administration within three years after the year of transfer, and payment of any penalties and surcharges.

The representative shall also ensure that the risks of requalification are minimized.

It is a compulsory service which has certain advantages: saving time and money, with a guarantee of success thanks to the expert's expertise.


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