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Added value non-resident accredited representative

Real estate gains for non-residents

In accordance with Article 244bis A of the CGI, natural or legal persons not domiciled in France are liable for a levy on realized or assimilated capital gains realized in France. Since 1 January 2015, only third-country non-residents of the European Union are subject to this obligation (excluding Iceland and Norway). The point with TEVEA international.

Non-resident real estate value added tax: legal regime

Apart from the obligation imposed by the law, the appointment of a tax representative offers practical advantages for the real estate transfer operations carried out by non-residents.

Are you a non-EU country resident and want to sell a property in France? So the law requires you to appoint a tax representative to make your sale. In addition, you will be liable for a levy on capital gains realized or assimilated realized in France (article 244bis A of the CGI). The rate of this levy is 19% for natural persons plus 15.5% social levies and 33.33% for companies subject to the SI.

The said levy is therefore paid under the responsibility of a tax representative accredited by the tax authorities, appointed by the seller.

The tax treatment of real estate gains applies when you sell real estate in France (land or building) or rights that relate to such property (usufruct, bare ownership ...). It also covers the sale of shares by real estate companies or partnerships subject to income tax. The appointment of an accredited tax representative, such as TEVEA international, not only allows you to comply with your tax obligations, but also allows you to benefit from tailor-made support throughout the transfer operation.

TEVEA international: a range of adapted services

TEVEA International, a privileged partner of companies and individuals for the implementation of their tax obligations and declarations abroad, assists its clients in terms of real estate capital gains.

Because you deserve an expert, we put at your disposal a team of multilingual consultants made up of specialists in European VAT and property tax. We intervene upstream to advise you and inform you about the tax regime for land transfer, in order to determine the essential elements to be identified and the method of calculating the surplus value.

On the basis of the information provided (invoices for works, reconstruction, improvement or extension, as well as proof of payment, compromise of sale or draft deed of sale, title deeds, statutes of the seller, ...), we determine the amount of The capital gain and the corresponding taxation, we draw up the declaration of surplus-value, we pay the amount of the tax due by order to the notary holding the proceeds of the sale.

Finally, during the 3 years of commitment following the current year, we respond to any solicitation by the Tax Administration on your file and support, where appropriate, in the event of tax reorganization, the payment of the increases and any Penalties.

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