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Accredited representative capital gains real estate

Use an accredited tax representative to report real estate value added

An accredited tax representative is a person or body authorized by the tax authorities to calculate the amount of tax payable in relation to real estate gains realized on the sale of real estate in France. It should also be pointed out that only those belonging to a person - natural or legal - who is not domiciled in France for tax purposes are concerned in accordance with Article 244bis of the General Tax Code.

The duties of the accredited tax representative

As soon as the owner of a property offered for sale is not a tax resident of France but outside the European Union, the appointment of an accredited tax representative is compulsory. Existing legislation, however, provides for exceptions. Thus, the tax representative will not be necessary if the price of the property is set at € 150,000 or less per transferor. Similarly, owners who have held it for more than 30 years are also exempted. It should be pointed out that if we generally speak of surplus value, the appointment of an accredited representative remains equally necessary even in the event of a loss of value.

The first task of the tax representative is to calculate the amount of taxation, taking care to include all deductions permitted by law. So it ensures that you do not pay more than you should while ensuring that you do not omit anything to optimize your taxation, especially since the tax calculation is relatively complex. Various factors must be taken into account, such as the holding period, the sale price, the purchase price, the deductible work expenses, etc. In addition to the calculation of the tax, the accredited tax representative will be responsible for all the formalities related to the tax declaration n ° 2048-IMM concerning the realized capital gains.

In addition, the accredited representative guarantees the accuracy of your declaration of surplus value with the Services de Publicité Foncière (FPS) to which it is registered. The mission of tax representation therefore reduces the risks of requalification of your declaration by the tax administration. Your accredited representative naturally undertakes to pay the tax and possible penalties in the event of an increase in taxation, which constitutes a non-negligible guarantee for the assignors. In addition, your representative will be able to present any complaint against the decisions of the Administration or any request for graceful remittance that he deems appropriate.

TEVEA International, a leading player in real estate tax representation in France

The designation of a tax representative accredited to declare a real estate value added is not a trivial act. Indeed, your representative ensures that the transfer of real estate is done correctly taking into account the tax legislation in force. With more than 30 years of experience, TEVEA International is a leading tax representative for VAT and real estate gains. We count on a talented human capital to offer high quality services, focused on support and customer satisfaction.


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