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Additional services

TEVEA International offers companies a range of turnkey services assisting them to develop quickly their international activities at the lowest costs.

By choosing TEVEA International to assist you, your company becomes of international growth and gains in competitiveness.

Management of subsidiaries

Administrative and fiscal management of foreign subsidiaries established in France

TEVEA International handles :

> debt collection

> transfers

> bookkeeping

> payroll establishment

> and social statements (under survey of chartered accountants and auditors)

Commercial development support

Research of specific information

TEVEA International can find commercial agents, provide specific prospect listings, realise marketing studies, bring assistance with choice and participation in professional trade shows. 

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Capital Gain Tax on Real Estate - Social contributions as of 2016, January 1st
What's new ? - VAT rules applicable to e-commerce from 2015 January 1st
VAT focus - Find out more on why refund claims in Germany are turned down and the rules governing the form of VAT refund claims onto the electronic portal.
VAT refund in Serbia - Serbia allows VAT reimbursement for foreign companies established in countries which have signed a reciprocal agreement.
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